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Coming soon: Two murder mysteries

February 3, 2006

Suresh Gopi Bhavana Apart from the CBI series, not many murder mysteries have come out in recent times. Even if you look back, there are not many memorable ones, except for Mukham, Kariyilakkattu Pole, Utharam and The Truth. Now two new murder mysteries are in the making with Suresh Gopi and Kalabhavan Mani in the […]

Careers of Suresh Gopi and Shaji Kailas

January 20, 2006

Suresh Gopi and Shaji Kailas have their fortunes and misfortunes entwined and it is interesting to take a look at their parallel careers. Suresh Gopi started his career as a child artist in Odayil Ninnum (1965). Later he started doing villain and supporting roles, but his career had a sea change when he started associating […]