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Priyadarshan and Bollywood

January 6, 2006

Here’s Priyadarshan’s Modus Operandi in Bollywood – Make a movie in Malayalam, then later remake it in Hindi. Sometimes he remakes succesful Malayalam movies directed by other directors. Now Priyadarshan says he would retire in 2 years time from commercial cinema.Is that because by then he would have remade all his malayalam movies to Hindi? […]

Disowning His Own Movies

November 9, 2005

While researching for something else, we came across this interview with Priyadarshan from 2004. He had got bulk dates from Salman Khan and was excited about his “dream” project. “Unlike my other Hindi films, this one isn”t a remake. With Salman in the film I don”t need to worry about an attentive market. He”ll ensure […]