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2005 – Music

February 7, 2006

K J Yesudas K S Chitra As usual Malayalam Cinema produced good music in 2005 and we have a brief review of what was worth listening. We also talk about each singer’s best work, the best films and the best music directors. We believe that Yesudas and Chitra are God’s gift to mankind and so […]

Review Roundup: Lion

January 31, 2006

As predicted, the Lion is roaring. According to reports, this political-family entertainer is a big hit due to the unprecedented opening. Lion was also helped by the fact that the release of Balram vs Taradas has been moved to March. The music is by one of our favourite composers, Deepak Dev and he has really […]

M-POD Interview: Pradeep Somasundaran

January 4, 2006

Once Yesudas came to record a song in a famous studio in Chennai and as he placed his book on the stand, it fell down. An angry Yesudas shouted at the studio folks and threatened to walk out. Even the music director, Raveendran was helpless and said that when Yesudas’s mood is off, no one […]

Music Director: Deepak Dev

December 12, 2005

In the movie, Symphony, there is a beautiful song called Pannimathiyey Punarum, Thalirambal Poove. Sung by Chita and Yesudas, this song has very less orchestration and stands out for the melodious voices of the singers. Similarly there is another song, Sughamo (Remix) sung by Sujatha and Vidhu Pratap with less orchestra and a haunting tune. […]