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We disagree with Blessy

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5 Responses to “We disagree with Blessy”

  1. OK, Vt, sorry for being an unabashed Blessy loyalist — but that’s what I am — for his movies have touched me more than those of any other Malayalam director.

    I have to agree that imagination could be put to use to make entertaining movies. However, to suggest, rather uncharitably, that Blessy was insulting other film makers by his observations, is a bit going overboard. I do suspect you are prejudiced against this highly talented film maker. Please shed you anger towards him and be receptive to his good side.

    I, like Blessy, feel that contemporary cinema has become super-saturated with ‘imagination-based’ stories. OK, they can be entertaining, even for adults, but it is about time that we have some dose of reality. Otherwise we, Malayali film goers, are in danger of losing our common sense!

    I do believe that movies have a role in making us aware of ourselves. We need entertainment but we also need to be educated. Blessy’s movies are like fresh water on a parched land following years of drought. We need more of them!

  2. Ramesh,

    Few things first

    We are not prejudiced against any film maker. We are fans of “good cinema”, which is a very general term which excludes mimicry movies and tear jerkers to say the least. We like movie makers who take their craft seriously and spend time on the screenplay. We like film makers who understand that cinema is not a radio drama but a visual medium. Blessy is one director who is a good film maker.

    As I said before Blessy can continue to make his reality movies, but saying that movies should be based on reality rather than imagination is totally out of line.

  3. Directors people can have their own opinions. But when they substantiate that through their movies, you gotta agree with them.

    I dont think we should be so harsh on Blessy. He was just speaking his mind. Everyone is entitled to their opinions.

    Kaazcha and Thanmaathra are examples of excellent cinema and not one moment is unreal. Now what is a good cinema – is it something totally unreal, a fantasy without an iota of realism or is it something out and out realistic ? Priyadarshan is an example of the former and Blessy the later. Take a blend of these two, then you have a Sathyan Anthikad. Now all three are excellent directors. Bottomline is all three make good cinema.
    Now if you talk about origibnality – thats a different matter altogether 🙂

  4. But that is what is the problems with we malus is we want everything to be realistic even cinema. Cinema is a form of entertainment and we want it to be like real life but we go to see cinema to get rid of the real life and forget it for sometime. I guess all other films industry(Bollywood and kollywood) have shifted to “only happy ending” whereas we went to “not always a happy ending ” thing. I guesswe are too forward intlectually

  5. Persuant to an interview with Blessy published in Deepika Newspaper, in the column Cinema, I feel that I need to write the following. As I do not have the time and this page does not permit writing more, I would just like to point to out to Blessy’s statement ‘Nowadays a father hesitate to pamper her daughter at the age of 15 years, having her sit in his lap as he did when she was a child.’ My question: Does a father spoon feed a 15 year old daughter as he did when she was a child. If not, is that due to his lacking of love and affection or the acceptance of the growth of a child. More than physical pampeing and attention, a girl at 15 years old needs mental care and attention. This is not something new which happens in our society recetly, but something being practised by every human society since ancient days. By way of criticing the society and saying something with is natural as an abnoraml abberation is an act to self escalate by thinking that the whole society are fools and that they accept everything. One more statement of Blessy, A child try to engulf the principle or Newton and Archimedes, when it does not know, how he was created. My Question: Do the parents demonstrate in front of him to make him aware that how he was created. This is also quiet natural Mr Blessy, he will be able to learn it when he is at the right age. Just to add a street saying, No need to teach a little squirrel, how to climb on a tree.

    Still, we Malayalees keeping mum to hear the sermon of the so-called genius.

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