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Priyadarshan and Bollywood

Here’s Priyadarshan’s Modus Operandi in Bollywood – Make a movie in Malayalam, then later remake it in Hindi. Sometimes he remakes succesful Malayalam movies directed by other directors. Now Priyadarshan says he would retire in 2 years time from commercial cinema.Is that because by then he would have remade all his malayalam movies to Hindi? But then there are succesful movies made by other directors. And Priyadarshan making non-commercial meaningful movies? That’s a topic for another day.

Let’s take a look at some of the Hindi movies Priyadarshan – the most inspired director – has directed and their source:

Movie Name Original Malayalam Original Director
Muskurahat Kilukkam Priyadarshan
Gardish Kireedom Sibi Malayil
Virasat Thevar Magan Bharathan
Saat Rang Ke Sapne Thenmavin Kombathu Priyadarshan
Doli Saja Ke Rakhna Aniyathi Pravu Fazil
Hera Pheri Ramji Rao Speaking Siddique-Lal
Yeh Teraa Ghar Yeh Mera Ghar Sanmanassullavarku.. Satyan Anthikkad
Hungama Poochakkoru Mookkuthi Priyadarshan
Hulchul Godfather Siddique-Lal
Garam Masala Boeing Boeing Priyadarshan
Kyon Ki Thalavattom Priyadarshan
Chupke Chupke(2006) Punjabi House Rafi-Mecartin

We see that 100% of the movies Priyadarshan directed in Hindi are remakes, that’s a unique(or dubious) distinction.

The question we have in our mind: Is Priyadarshan doing Malayalam movie industry a favour by remaking it’s successful movies to hindi with a wider audience Or is Priyadarshan taking advantage of his leverage within Bollywood and remaking movies of other directors who does not have exposure or clout in Bollywood?


6 Responses to “Priyadarshan and Bollywood”

  1. It would be gr8 if you could list up the english movies from which malayalam versions were inspired…inspired/copied the hindi audience really love his movies whether it’s Herapheri or hungama…

  2. Kris, this is one of the things we have planned for future, as all his movies are inspired, we’ll need to do intense research.

  3. When did thevar magan made in original malayalam???

  4. Eswar, you are right, point noted. Thevar Magan was not made in Malayalam, it’s malayali connection is the director – Bharathan.

  5. The thing on whether he does a justice to malayalam film industry is a good question but these films give them the scope of all good films made in malayalam

  6. He is probably inspired by Hera Pheri’s success. But his standard has been going downhill eversince. He should retire sooner than he plans. And with malayalam movie standards falling, he has no choice too, I guess.

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