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Jayaraj’s new adventure

After working as Bharathan’s assistant, Jayaraj became a director with the movie Vidyarambham based on a script by Srinivasan. After that he gave us beautiful movies like Kaliyattam, which won the national award for Suresh Gopi and Deshadanam, which fetched him the state award for the best director.

He also gave us commercial movies like For the people and Millennium Stars which were watchable and stupid ones like Highway and Thilakkam. One thread in his art movie line is a series of films based on the navarasas. In this sequence he has completed Karunam, Shantham and Bheebhats and now he is making a new movie in the series called Atbhutham starring Suresh Gopi.

The movie is about euthanasia and Suresh Gopi plays a man waiting for his death.

The protagonist of my film, Warrier (played by Suresh Gopi), is a world-renowned playwright and director in the US. He migrates to the US at a young age, and has no contact with his family in Kerala. He is also a US citizen now. He has been suffering from pancreatic cancer for two years, and when he finds it difficult to bear the pain, asks for mercy killing. Helping him die is his US-born Malayali wife and his attorney.

Just before his death, he calls seven important people in his life to the hospital. Of the seven, there are his parents and one of his closest friends from Kerala. Only when they reach the US do they realise he has decided to die. His parents can never accept this. Another visitor on the day of his death is his love, an American, and also an actor he had groomed. [Atbhutham: A record-breaking bilingual?]

The story sounds like something new for Indian cinema and with Jayaraj’s directing capabilities it might even be a good one to watch. But we don’t understand this obsession with filming it in less than ten hours.

After a few years, no one will remember this fact and the film will have to stand on its own merit. So why not take time and make a beautiful movie instead of rushing it?

Update: IdleBrain has photos of the shoot which was completed in about 2 hours.


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