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Music Director: Deepak Dev

In the movie, Symphony, there is a beautiful song called Pannimathiyey Punarum, Thalirambal Poove. Sung by Chita and Yesudas, this song has very less orchestration and stands out for the melodious voices of the singers. Similarly there is another song, Sughamo (Remix) sung by Sujatha and Vidhu Pratap with less orchestra and a haunting tune. The composer of this song is a new music director called Deepak Dev.

He started his career with the movie Chronic Bachelor directed by Siddique (of Siddique-Lal fame). All the songs were beautiful, but the one we liked was Swayamvara Chandrike, Swarnamani Meghame sung by Jayachandran and Sujatha. Now in an interview Deepak says that director Siddique was the reason why he came into movies.

He had almost given up on his musical career, soon after completing his graduation, “as nothing exciting was happening in my career.” But, as fate would have it, every time he tried to sell off his keyboard, it came back to him, “as the guys who bought it couldn’t cough up the money that they had promised me. And soon after the third time it happened, the Siddique-Lal duo called me to join their group for their shows in the United States. They wanted me to render some music to fill the time in-between programmes. Eventually, it was those tunes that prompted Siddique to choose me to compose the music for `Chronic Bachelor,’ my first film,” recalls Deepak.[HITTING the right notes]

The other films of Deepak are Udayananu Tharam, Naran, and Ben Johnson. Our song reccomendations are

  • Minnadi Minnadi (Naran)
  • Thumbi Kinnaram (Naran)
  • Karale Karalinte (Udayananu Tharam)
  • Raghuvamsha (Symphony)
  • Sughamo (Symphony)
  • Panimathiyey (Symphony)
  • Swyamvara Chandrike (Chronic Bachelor)

Let us know which is your favourite Deepak Dev song and why?


9 Responses to “Music Director: Deepak Dev”

  1. My favorite song of Deepak is ‘Panimathiye’ from ‘Symphony’…No song has come like that in Malayalam till now.Piano and bass are the only instruments used for backing.The feel is amazing…Unfortunately the movie was not a hit.Otherwise it ld have become the best work of Deepak.But God is with Him only…He has come back with full strength with Udayananu thaaram,Naran,Ben Johnson and a handful of new movies…He deserves that and He is undoubtfully the best composer in Malayalam industry now.He comes out with simple melodies which will reach our heart fast and which are apt for the situation of the film.He has got good technical sense also…He took the risk of doing a film with all new comers right after composing for a superstar like mammootty…I wish the composer all the best in future…

  2. Sandeep,

    I agree with you for “Symphony” was an absolute delight and quite different from the typical malayalam music. I did not like “Ben Johnson” much, but all his other creations are excellent.

  3. Panimathiye is my damn s a beautiful melody..very soft..
    tat too i m mad of the music in charanam

    Karakaanaa kaayalile naadodi poonkaate
    Arinjo neeyikinnaaram naadaaya nadaake
    Paattaayo arijo raavu…. Ah…
    ellaarum arinjenno kaaryam swakaaryam

  4. parvathy, totally agree with you on that. beautiful lyrics, melodious tune but extremely bad movie 🙂

  5. yes, deepu is a musical genius.
    but he is best for tamil film music.

  6. shihab, we don’t like people who write one line dismissive comments. Could you elaborate with examples on why you think so?

  7. […] As predicted, the Lion is roaring. According to reports, this political-family entertainer is a big hit due to the unprecedented opening. Lion was also helped by the fact that the release of Balram vs Taradas has been moved to March. The music is by one of our favourite composers, Deepak Dev and he has really disappointed us with two terrible songs. Here is the review roundup. […]

  8. […] Our favourite music director Raveendran had only one film, Vadakkum Nathan and it had some good songs. Our other favourite music directors Vidyasagar had hits in Chanthupottu., Chandrolsavum and Kochi Rajavu. His music for the film Alice in Wonderland did not impress us at all. Our third favourite music director, Deepak Dev, had hits in Ben Johnson, but we did not like any of the songs including the most popular one Sona Sona. […]

  9. Recently heard ‘omane’ from Boyy friend composed by M.jayachandran?I find it very melodious ..wats ur say vellithira..

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