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Who is the superstar?

In his most recent movie Rajamanikyam, Mammotty is seen wearing a green color shirt and yellow mundu and dancing with a bunch of people. He even attempts comedy in the movie.

Previous attempts by directors like Sathyan Anthikkad and Priyadarshan to make Mammotty do comedy have failed successfully. Since he walks with a stiff gait, his dancing is as elegant as let’s say Dileep trying to act as a man. But in the film Rajamanikyam everything seems to have clicked. The film is a big hit and it is attracting young audience.

Mammootty’s film ‘Rajamanickam’ did much better than Mohanlal’s ‘Naran’. The former fetched Rs.3.34 crores in three weeks whereas that of the latter is only Rs.2.70 crores. More importantly, the popularity of ‘Rajamanickam’ has penetrated to Mohanlal’s base like Tiruvananthapuram, Attingal, Kollam, Kottayam and Ernakulam.

‘Rajamanickam’ has an advantage over ‘Naran’, as it is short and could be screened up to 6 shows. People in Malabar region flocked to watch it on Ramzan. In fact, it did better than ‘Naran’ even in Mohanlal bases. This is indeed a real threat to the superstar [Mammootty shakes Mohanlal’s empire]

Does this mean that it is a threat to Mohanlal as the article asserts? We think that it is silly to make such assumptions based on the results of a single movie. There have been times when Mohanlal had a series of hit films and Mammotty had flops. It happens and there is no need to make a big deal about it.


4 Responses to “Who is the superstar?”

  1. I see a great enthusiasm in Mammootty as the time passes by but Mohanlal seems to lost the same. The one quality that I admire in Mammootty is his eagerness to progress day by day as an actor.

    Lal should come out of the supernatural roles that he play. He hasn’t overcome that even in Naran.

  2. Well, Mammotty too is doing Rajamanikyam kind of roles in eastman color dresses. But what you said is right, Mammotty seems to be doing “good” variety like Rapakal, Thommanum Makkalum, Kaazcha etc.

    Mohanlal should realize that if we want to see superhuman pictures, we can always watch Tamil movies, whose execution is much better.

  3. I dont see a point here. Comparing Mamooty and Mohan lal is like comparing day and night. If U side by the day, night has a lot of downsides and if you side by the night, day has a lot of short comings. But in a way unique to them, both are invincible. Similarly Mamooty and Mohan lal are two stalwarts of Malayalam cinema and their roles cannot be interchanged. It wont be long before Mohan lal bounces back. If you check, before chronic bachelor, Mamooty had a bad time like Mohan lal has now and that time Mohan lal had a string of hits. I would like to conclude saying that all these show the taste of Malayalam cine goers who dont give a damn to the heroes of the movies. If a story is good and if it has been portrayed well on the screen, then the movie makes money in the box office. It is not like the tamil or telegu or hindi cine field, where the hero worship is the order of the day.

  4. Unnikrishnan, I don’t know what story Naaturajavu had. It was the same typical superhuman mohanlal story which has been repeated many many times. How different is this from a Rajnikanth movie which has the same story again and again. So don’t make fun of Tamilians and Andhrites for we too have similar tastes and do indulge in hero worship to a certain extent.

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