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Mohanlal’s Dubbing Institute

Mohanlal is one actor who has made money in movies as well as lost it. His Pranavam Arts produced successful movies like His Highness Abdullah, Bharatam, and Kamaladalam. He also lost money making Vanaprashtham, even though it won him a National award. But that has not dampened his investing mentality. He has now setup an institute that offers courses in dubbing, and newsreading and apparently it is the first of its kind in India

Voice modulation, voice control, voice pitch control and various other voice techniques have been included in the course syllabus.

Similar courses in newsreading and television presentation are also being offered. The courses have been designed by dubbing artiste Bhagyalekshmi and Mohanlal himself.

Dubbing artiste Bhagyalekshmi is a veteran in the field and has lent her voice for over 2500 movies. Her melliflous voice has added to the charm of actresses from Ambika to Geethu Mohandas.[Mohanlal pitches in for dubbing artistes; opens voice designing school]


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