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Mammootty Mohanlal Rivalry

Rivalry between these two are famous in Malayalam movie world, yet Mohanlal and Mammootty claim that they are best friends. A peek at their record gives an interesting look at their parallel careers.

  • Both had their career started in 1980
  • Both acted together for first time in 1981 – Oothikaachiya Ponnu.
    Mohanlal was the villain in the movie.
  • Come 1982, in the movie Padayottam Mammootty acted as Mohanlal’s father, and his role had  negative  shades where as Mohanlal had a positive role.
  • These two have acted together in nearly 50 movies.
  • At one point of time these two along with IV Sasi and Seema had launched an independent banner – Casino.
  • In 1989  Mohanlal bagged National Award  jury’s special award for his role in Kireedam.
    Same year Mammootty got his National Award for Best Actor for his performance in Mathilukal and Oru Vadakkan Veera Gatha.
  • Later in 1991 Mohanlal got his Best actor National award for his role in Bharatham.
  • Mammootty got his second Best Actor’s National award in 1994 for his roles in Vidheyan and Ponthan Mada.
    Mohanlal got his second award in 1999 for Vanaprastham
  • Mammootty got his Padma Shri award in 1998
    Mohanlal was not far behind – he was honoured with Padmashri in 2001
  • Mammooty got his third National award in 2000 for his role in and as Dr.Ambedkar.
  • No points for guessing Mohanlal’s next award.


    6 Responses to “Mammootty Mohanlal Rivalry”

    1. How old are the two of them now?

    2. madman,

      Mohanlal was born in 1960 and Mammotty in 1953 (based on the wikipedia entries)

    3. Mammootty is a far better actor than Mohanlal! He is a great Method actor! Mohanlal is there only bcos of his dialogues!

    4. Vinod TG, Mohanlal’s hit movies like His Highness Abdullah, Dasharatham, Chitram and Bharatam did not have “punch-line” dialogues.

    5. maybe vinod t.g is a mammotty fan.thats why he said like tht.But please mind your words ok.Both are great actors,eventhough most still feels that Lal stil has a definite edge over mammootty.The sheer range of Lal in excelling in any character makes him unique.he can adapt to any situation.Recently mammotty has started showing his flexibility to comedy.However he is far behind when the sheer effortless ease with which lal maintains his character.
      It will be better not to compare them .Instead, relish the powerful movies of both.Comparing between two greats like them or Agassi-Sampras or Tendulkar-Lara is never will not do any good.

    6. Mr vinod,mohanlal is there only with his dialogues??.[Abusive language edited – Ed]

      Please go and see movies like Kireedam,Vaanaprastham,Thanmathra,Bharatham,Namukku paarkkan munthirithooppukal.Then decide whether lal is here for his dialogues.I respect your admiration for mammooty.he too is a great actor.[Abusive language edited – Ed]

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