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Movie Review: Naatu Rajavu

November 29, 2005

As a fight is progressing between the villain and the hero’s folks, a car comes into the scene. The door opens and we get a glimpse of the hero’s legs as it stomps on the ground. In slow motion the hero walks towards the scene, mouths a one liner and thrashes countless people. You might […]

Would they be able to recreate the magic?

November 18, 2005

The trio of M.T.Vasudevan Nair, Hariharan, Mammootty is back together again as per the news reports.This is the team which has given one of the most memorable malayalam movie – Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha. MT and Hariharan duo are known for the quality movies they have made in the past. This new movie – is again […]

Disowning His Own Movies

November 9, 2005

While researching for something else, we came across this interview with Priyadarshan from 2004. He had got bulk dates from Salman Khan and was excited about his “dream” project. “Unlike my other Hindi films, this one isn”t a remake. With Salman in the film I don”t need to worry about an attentive market. He”ll ensure […]

Mohanlal’s Dubbing Institute

November 9, 2005

Mohanlal is one actor who has made money in movies as well as lost it. His Pranavam Arts produced successful movies like His Highness Abdullah, Bharatam, and Kamaladalam. He also lost money making Vanaprashtham, even though it won him a National award. But that has not dampened his investing mentality. He has now setup an […]

Sequels Galore

November 7, 2005

It’s sequel season in Malayalam. Every movie which was a decent hit in the past is being examined to see if a sequel could be made. When there is paucity for original ideas, sequel is an easy way out for a writer. And moreover there is name recognition – couple of generations are familiar with […]

Mammootty Mohanlal Rivalry

November 4, 2005

Rivalry between these two are famous in Malayalam movie world, yet Mohanlal and Mammootty claim that they are best friends. A peek at their record gives an interesting look at their parallel careers. Both had their career started in 1980 Both acted together for first time in 1981 – Oothikaachiya Ponnu. Mohanlal was the villain in […]

Advertisments in Movies

November 3, 2005

Imagine a scene in a movie where Mohanlal is surrounded by a bunch of thugs. He looks each one of them as they take out weapons of single destruction like cycle chain and Malappuram knife. Mohanlal, tightens his mundu, twirls his moustache and takes a packet of tea bags and mouths an advertisment line to […]